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Artist: Hagar Elazari & Liat Segal
Location: Dr. D.M. Sluyspad
Website: Hagar Elazari / Liat Segal


About Hagar Elazari & Liat Segal 

Hagar Elazari (1982, Israel) lives and works in Milan, Italy and studied civil engineering and industrial design. Elazari currently works as an architectural light designer and light artist. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Liat Segal runs Sweet Tech Studio. She has worked at the Microsoft Innovation Labs, and has taught at the Bezalel School of Ars and Design in Jerusalem and the Holon Institute of Technology's Interaction Lab. 

About Hatch

This installation confronts viewers with the endlessness of light. By mimicking the experience of standing between two mirrors, artists Hagar Elazari and Liat Segal create an experience in which viewers see an endless reflection of themselves. 

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