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Visit Amsterdam Light Festival 2014 - 2015

This winter, Amsterdam will light up once again up during Amsterdam Light Festival. This is the third edition of the winter light festival for young and old. For more than fifty days, the historical center of Amsterdam will be the unique décor for this international festival.

Boat and Walking Route
The city will be complemented by light sculptures, projections and installations by contemporary (inter)national artists. The boat route, Water Colors, will take visitors past artworks along Amsterdam’s canals and the Amstel. The walking route, Illuminade, winds through the city center. During the festival, light will play a central role in the city as museums and institutions organize light-related activities, introducing visitors to innovations in light art.

The theme for this year’s festival, ‘A Bright City’, challenges artists to create a tribute to life the city. The resulting artworks present a unique take on the modern city of Amsterdam.

The third edition of the festival will take place from 27 November 2014 to 18 January 2015. The boat route, Water Colors, will take place from 27 November 2014 to 18 January 2015, and the walking route, Illuminade, from 11 December 2014 to 4 January 2015.

festival highlights


Illuminade, walking route

A route through the historic city of Amsterdam, between Amstel and the Maritime museum past 20 inspiring light art objects.
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Water Colors

Water Colors, boat route

Breathtaking light sculptures, illuminated buildings and bridges cover the Amstel, the heart of the festival in an extraordinary winter light.
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Amsterdam by Night

Amsterdam by Night kijkt vol verwachting uit naar de komende editie van het Amsterdam Light Festival. Het wordt vast weer genieten :) www.amsterdambynight.net [afbeelding]

Jacinta Steur

Lijkt me wel leuk!

Saskia Hoogendoorn

Net gearriveerd op de montagelocatie: de lichtboei van Rijkswaterstaat! Hierop komt eind november het hart van flessen van kunstwerk 178 BOTTLES, 1 MESSAGE van Tijdmakers. Voor 't zover is moet er nog flink wat gebeuren, waaronder 't ontmantelen van de boei... Succes Rivolta! ======================================================== Just arrived! At the end of november a heart made of 178 BOTTLES, 1 MESSAGE (by Tijdmakers) will be placed on this light buoy and spread LOVE from Amsterdam. But first… a lot of work has to be done... good luck Rivolta! [afbeelding]

Jannie Jansen

Ik kijk er alweer naar uit. Vorig jaar ook gezien, prachtig!

Leigh Steiner

Oh WOW! Tiffany and I would LOVE to see this wonderful Festival of Lights in beautiful Nederlands!
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